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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Laughing Goat: Must Try at Harrison

I went to Harrison recently during the winter break and honestly, I think I spend more time eating there then soaking in the nice hot springs! ( My love for food is just too great... ♡ ) Of course, the area's food was a little more costly compare to where I live since it was a tourist attraction in a way. I tried a couple of restaurants around the resort ( none of them were farer than two blocks away. ) and the restaurant that impressed me the most was the Laughing Goat for it's truly wonderful and delicious food!  (*≧▽≦)

A Somewhat Gothicish Menu 
I honestly felt the name of the restaurant was somewhat cynical in a way. Though, I kind of thought it was cool, the name that is. *゚▽゚* We arrived there at 5pm, which was pretty early for dinner. There wasn't anyone in the restaurant at all and looked as if they just opened for dinner. The lady there was very nice and later on, after we got our food, the chef even came out to ask how was the food and took a picture for us too!  ‘ ∇‘ 

I truly love the salmon and the amazing sauce that compliments it. If I were to come to Harrisons again, I would totally come here! 

Seared Sockeye Salmon $19 
Yup, let's start with my favourite dish, The Seared Sockeye Salmon! I really love the salmon because the balance from the outside and the inside. The outside isn't really hard or burnt at all but the inside is really soft and tender. Mixed with the really nice creamy sauce they have with the salmon, it was just ... wonderfully fluffy. (´ ▽`).。o♡ ( Can I even describe salmon as fluffy!? (*゚ロ゚) ) It was just really good, and what would I said was special compared to other places was the sauce. It was pretty flavourful and rich. 

The Mashed Potatoes were pretty good too. I could definitely taste that they really used butter in the potatoes for sure. They weren't starchy at all which is pretty awesome. They had a bit of veggies on the sides too. 

Rib Eye Steak $22 
My friend got the Rib Eye Steak, which wasn't too bad. Thickness of the steak was pretty nice and the gravy was alright. The edges of the top were a bit dry/burnt but other than that, it was okay. It was still a pretty juicy steak though, I think it's because we ordered it medium rare, haha.   ⌒_⌒ 

Chicken Burger $13 

Lastly, the Chicken Burger. I didn't get to try it myself but I heard the burgers were pretty good. I really like that they had grapes cause I remember munching on them quite a bit. ´ェ` Fries were very munch able too! 

The place was clean, quiet and had free wifi! The chef and lady were very kind and attend to our needs. Sadly though, it seems the place is a bit empty most of the time, which I don't understand why (This place is cheaper, made better food, better service and food waiting time compared to a restaurant in Harrison I will later review). Maybe it was because it was a weekday. 

If you are a health frantic, you might not like this restaurant. ( I swear they use quite a bit of butter for each dish. Even the veggies are cooked with a bit of butter. ) Other than that, it was a enjoyable experience. I'm totally coming here again next time if I ever come back to Harrisons! 

Quantity: Filling 

Price: Not on the Cheap side but cheap for a Western place in Harrsions

Service: WONDERFUL~          

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  1. that.looks.ah.may.zing. *.*

    but I am sort of a health fanatic, lol T_T