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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Laughing Goat: Must Try at Harrison

I went to Harrison recently during the winter break and honestly, I think I spend more time eating there then soaking in the nice hot springs! ( My love for food is just too great... ♡ ) Of course, the area's food was a little more costly compare to where I live since it was a tourist attraction in a way. I tried a couple of restaurants around the resort ( none of them were farer than two blocks away. ) and the restaurant that impressed me the most was the Laughing Goat for it's truly wonderful and delicious food!  (*≧▽≦)

A Somewhat Gothicish Menu 
I honestly felt the name of the restaurant was somewhat cynical in a way. Though, I kind of thought it was cool, the name that is. *゚▽゚* We arrived there at 5pm, which was pretty early for dinner. There wasn't anyone in the restaurant at all and looked as if they just opened for dinner. The lady there was very nice and later on, after we got our food, the chef even came out to ask how was the food and took a picture for us too!  ‘ ∇‘ 

I truly love the salmon and the amazing sauce that compliments it. If I were to come to Harrisons again, I would totally come here! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Fish House in Stanley Park - Vancouver Dine Out Verison

Whoot! I'm so happy to make it to another Dine Out before it ends! I have a really long 6 hour break gap during a school day so we figured we might as well go for a Dine Out!((・▽・)) I didn't know the place or the restaurant well so everything was a surprise... Including getting lost. (¬_¬)

The "Feel" of the Place.

Just a good heads up out there, if going to The Fish House, either 1) Drive or 2) Know Stanley Park well or 3) Like/prepared to be walking for long periods of time. (×_×;)
Getting there was an unexpected adventure ( I was expect we might we a bit lost for like 15mins... Not 60 mins. )

 If you're expect a sign or two telling you where the restaurant is, don't. There is only one sign and by the time you see that sign, you're actually already there. Lucky, the people of the park are very friendly and nice, giving directions to us! ・v・ According to the workers of the park, this is a common occurrence. Apparently, there was also another group on that day asking too! ゜◇゜ 

But seriously, search the directions and MAKE SURE you really know where you're going. (It's near Lost Lagoon, don't go to side where the Rose Garden is, go the opposite side of the park. )  This pretty much sums up the extra note 
so now... ON TO THE FOOD!  ♥‿♥

( Really Tired so I might keep this short!)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stone Grill at The Met : Vancouver Dine Out Experience Version

This Picture by Vivian
I've been pretty busy lately so this is my first restaurant for the Vancouver Dine Out Festive. ( Or last for the year lol ) Stonegrill always have looked pretty cool (all those commercials from my childhood! (*´・v・) ) so I decided to took this chance to try it out. Due to some transportation and school day issues, we decide to go the one at Metrotown just because it's closer. I've heard the interior isn't as wonderful as the original but I'm here for the food mostly and I'm sure the quality should be around the same.  (¬‿¬)  The menu I had was the $28 and is the Ribeye Steak. 

It's located inside the mall, right beside Ardene and across of Sephora. If we didn't somewhat know the mall, we would pass right through it. The menu has a couple of choices. I can't compare to other Dine Outs currently but you're getting a bit more for the same price than normal.  *゚▽゚* The Ribeye Stonegrill was originally $28 which means you're pretty much getting an additional appetizer and dessert!   
(´ ▽`).。o♡  

Dine Out Menu! 
Since I was with a friend, we order different appetizers. Get to try a little bit of everything? 

By the way, it wasn't hard to book for a reservation for either the Granville nor the Met. (We had reservations at Granville but cancelled to change for the Met). 

Friday, January 18, 2013

[January] IPSY Glam Bag Review: A True Star Will Always Shine!

This is my 2nd Glam Bag from IPSY and I was epping with glee to open this one up!  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I got this package just yesterday and the delivery day was much more faster ⊙△⊙ compared to the one during Dec 2012 (though, it could be because of the holiday rush?). 

I was really looking forward to this one because I really wanted a red nail polish and a eyeliner brush since I owned different crease or eye-shadow brushes but not a eyeliner one. I heard the Argan Oil could be used as cuticle oil which could be useful for my nails haven't taken a break from nail polish for like months. My poor nails, they must hate me  ;へ:

Their package is still as neon as ever. At first, I thought it was just the Christmas glam bag had such packaging I suppose not ◕〝◕

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kam Do - Christmas Meal Special Set

What can I say? Kam Do is family restaurant and I go there pretty often at times, so I decided to give a taste of what they offer. They have a wide selection of different food, menus and sets. Depending on the time; breakfast, lunch, afternoon or dinner, their menus change a bit. They offer a good selection, a filling quantity and at a reasonable price! 

The restaurant has a special menu during Christmas time (I think the same special menu is used for New Years too...) and it's super worth it because I packed it and it became my breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
Your main dish + the Ham/Turkey!