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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Fish House in Stanley Park - Vancouver Dine Out Verison

Whoot! I'm so happy to make it to another Dine Out before it ends! I have a really long 6 hour break gap during a school day so we figured we might as well go for a Dine Out!((・▽・)) I didn't know the place or the restaurant well so everything was a surprise... Including getting lost. (¬_¬)

The "Feel" of the Place.

Just a good heads up out there, if going to The Fish House, either 1) Drive or 2) Know Stanley Park well or 3) Like/prepared to be walking for long periods of time. (×_×;)
Getting there was an unexpected adventure ( I was expect we might we a bit lost for like 15mins... Not 60 mins. )

 If you're expect a sign or two telling you where the restaurant is, don't. There is only one sign and by the time you see that sign, you're actually already there. Lucky, the people of the park are very friendly and nice, giving directions to us! ・v・ According to the workers of the park, this is a common occurrence. Apparently, there was also another group on that day asking too! ゜◇゜ 

But seriously, search the directions and MAKE SURE you really know where you're going. (It's near Lost Lagoon, don't go to side where the Rose Garden is, go the opposite side of the park. )  This pretty much sums up the extra note 
so now... ON TO THE FOOD!  ♥‿♥

( Really Tired so I might keep this short!)

Menu: Lots of Choices!
There's quite a bit of choice as you can see from the menu. There's at least 3 different choices for the Appetizer and Entrée! I love choices! 。’▽’。Everyone apparently likes to order the Cauliflower Soup (I didn't know  ´∩` but honestly, I like prawns so... ) so I think that's probably pretty well liked. We ordered the Dungeness Crab topped Salmon ( Salmon is my fav~ ^∀^ ) and the Smoked Cod Linguine. 

The place is really classy and nice. The tables and the atmosphere was fancy. ( I regretted wearing so casually on that day  ToT ) When I asked for some hot water, they gave me some fresh lemon also! 


Fish Cake!
The first appetizer is the Fish Cake! I normally don't like Fish Cakes but this was really good. It had a nice crispy layer on the outside but lots of filling in the inside. ^^ It would seem to some that it doesn't have enough flavour but I thought it was fine as long as I mix a little sauce with it. The veggies on the side were really good! ≡゚Д゚ They have a nice lemony citrus taste to it. Really refreshing!  

I really wouldn't mind having more of this really~  o ̄∇ ̄o
Rating: Yum!

Prawn Salad! 

Another appetizer they serve is the Prawn Salad. This was on the disappointing side after have the really nice zest-y salad from the Fish Cake. The prawn was alright while the veggies... Some of the veggies were just to raw for my taste. ( or bitter  >。≪ ) I think one of the veggies used in it made me a bit itchy. Avocado was pretty magical. A part of it tasted really sweet while other parts were more... bitter to it?  

Rating: A little bit disappointing 

Lobster Sauce!

Our server asked if we would liked some bread and we couldn't reject free bread right? ♥‿♥ It even comes with lobster sauce for you to dip? the bread in to too! Though, we were really happy to have bread, it wasn't exactly the best we had. The bread was a little bit on the hard side and the lobster sauce didn't really seem to complement the bread at all. ( The sauce was more on the oily side ) Well, free bread, that's all it matters I suppose~  ゜◇゜


Dungeness Crab topped Salmon
Next is the Main Courses! First, let's try that salmon out! The salmon was really good actually ~ (‘∀’●)♡ It was soft and tender, isn't burned or really dry at all compared to other places I had. The sauce was nice and so were the potatoes!  There was a bit of crab here and there. The veggies seemed a bit raw though again. 


Smoked Cod Linguine
This was a pretty good dish in general! The spaghetti was well made but... there was very little Cod ( The Cod were cut up to small cube pieces ). One would think if the cod was in such small pieces, there wouldn't be any small fish bones right? Well, there was lots of little bones here and there. I hope it would be more boneless next time. 

Rating: A Love yet Hate Relationship 


Chesse Cake
The first dessert is the Cheesecake.  It's one of the most richest cheesecakes I've ever had. It had a really deep cheese flavour and I really loved the fruits. ´ω`

Creme Brûlée

Next is the Creme Brûlée, which is my favourite! I tried a couple of Creme Brulee's before and I believe this is the most filling Creme Brulee I had. It was really nice and creamy inside and didn't really had that over burn taste that some Creme Brulee's had. Overall, quite well done for the Creme Brulee!  

Overall, It's been a hit and miss at times. They waitress later on said they have been really busy so many that's why the food weren't as well made as it should have been. The wait for our food was extremely long ( the whole meal took from 2pm till 4pm ). Their dine out menu has been extended till Feb 10th, so if anyone wants to go, it's not too late.  

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