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Monday, January 7, 2013

Guu Izakaya @ Richmond: Dinner

After all the good things I have been hearing about Guu, I had some pretty high expectations... Of course, it was Guu over at Robson Street that had all the raves but I still expected the food at the Richmond Branch to be just as wonderful. Since I just finished a major project, on the back home from school, my friends and I decided to have a yummy dinner as a celebration.。◕‿◕。Originally, we were going to G-yo instead but we ended up at Aberdeen so Guu it was!  This is dinner, I should remind, which has no lunch special menu. There was a today's special menu and a normal menu. 

The Special Menu looked pretty interesting. It looked as if was written with a marker and consist of some very interesting items. I believe the group of friends I was with loved communicating with the lovely Japanese waitress ( we asked her the funniest questions and even attempted to speak broken Jap... |_・) ) who came to our table. We asked for her recommendation and her thoughts for every little thing. Since she says she loves the "Hotote Chesse", which was a baked scallop & potato with cod roe mayo and cheese dish, we order it along with some other items. (。♥‿♥。)

Hotote Chesse ($5.80) 
Our first dish was the "Hotote Cheese" which  was the highly recommend dish our wonderful waitress recommend. This was one of the most filling dishes. It was nice, creamy and warm for the winter also! It also has scallops mixed in the potatoes. It reminded me of Sheppard's Pie in way cause how soft the  potatoes were. It was one the best dishes that we had that we even order a second plate later on (♡∀♡).  

Yukke Don

Next is the Yukke Don which was pretty much assorted sashimi on rice. The raw shrimp was extremely good if you like the heavy creamy texture. My friend loves fried shrimp heads and asked if was possible to fried the head. The chef and waitress were really nice and fried for him without a compliant! ((((;゜Д゜))) I personally love sweet tamago (egg) so I was glad to have that. ・ω・The rest of the bowl was normal. Nothing else special other then shrimp to me. 

Ebi Mayo ($8.50) 
This was another good dish, Ebi Mayo! It fried layer was softer than tempura but really good nevertheless. It was creamy, warm... I don't know what else I can say but it was GOOD! I would order this next time I come here for sure :D    

Salmon Chazuke ($7.80)
It was nice but it wasn't much. Very little rice and food in general for this dish. Nice to have it after some fried food since it's soup based but other then that, it's nothing much. I'm not sure what soup base is but maybe some dashi stock? For this price, I rather get a 3rd Hotote Cheese. ¬_¬

By this time, all our food came and we were STILL hungry. Very HUNGRY. We went to order MOAR food. Let's just ignore the current bill and just focus on our stomachs... •ิ_•ิ

Okonomiyaki ($6.30)
We order some Okonomiyaki, hoping that it will fill us up. It was alright yummy. I personally don't remember anything really special about it compared to other okonomiyakis. Though, by the end of it, we honestly realized why get okonomiyaki at Guu when Aberdeen food court has okonomiyaki also (and maybe cheaper??). (◎_◎;)

Pan Fried Udon

Okay, I forgot the name of this dish but it was some sort of pan fried udon, I think. 
It was a filling fish in a way. I liked the 
texture of the noodles. I was really hungry when I ate this dish so I don't remember much it was alright. Haha .____. 

Deluxe Sushi Set 

This was on the special menu I believe. They all tasted very interesting from my friend's expressions. I only had the swordfish which was alright. I don't like swordfish in general and I can't say anything about this dish cause I only tried one piece. 
Meanwhile, we also got some sake. We had cold sake though next time, I think we'll get warm sake instead. (NOTE: I later on tried the warm version weeks later. Warm Sake is more smoother and easier to swallow at the end. Though, it's much more stronger in alcohol flavour).  


They gave us some frozen grapes when we paid. The waitresses and waiters were overall really kind and friendly (so adorable~ (´ ▽`).。o♡ ) .  I wouldn't call this a quiet place though for once in a while, the workers will say a loud WELCOME when a customer comes in... which can be overwhelming for the first two times. (⊙_◎) 

The food was mostly good but not really filling so don't come expecting for a full meal unless you're ready pay quite a bit. Price is a little bit on the costly side. I would only probelly come here during dinner only if I had a special occasion.

Price: A bit expensive ( $17 - 25 per person ) 
Filling: A bit on the Hungry side 
Service: WONDERFUL! <3 

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