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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stone Grill at The Met : Vancouver Dine Out Experience Version

This Picture by Vivian
I've been pretty busy lately so this is my first restaurant for the Vancouver Dine Out Festive. ( Or last for the year lol ) Stonegrill always have looked pretty cool (all those commercials from my childhood! (*´・v・) ) so I decided to took this chance to try it out. Due to some transportation and school day issues, we decide to go the one at Metrotown just because it's closer. I've heard the interior isn't as wonderful as the original but I'm here for the food mostly and I'm sure the quality should be around the same.  (¬‿¬)  The menu I had was the $28 and is the Ribeye Steak. 

It's located inside the mall, right beside Ardene and across of Sephora. If we didn't somewhat know the mall, we would pass right through it. The menu has a couple of choices. I can't compare to other Dine Outs currently but you're getting a bit more for the same price than normal.  *゚▽゚* The Ribeye Stonegrill was originally $28 which means you're pretty much getting an additional appetizer and dessert!   
(´ ▽`).。o♡  

Dine Out Menu! 
Since I was with a friend, we order different appetizers. Get to try a little bit of everything? 

By the way, it wasn't hard to book for a reservation for either the Granville nor the Met. (We had reservations at Granville but cancelled to change for the Met). 

Hamachi with Edamame and Pea Sprouts 

This is the Hamachi with Edamame and Pea Sprouts, my appetizer. The fish is also known as Yellowtail or Hamachi. I'm personally a fan of Edamame and Sprouts. This dish was really a love and hate personally for me. I loved the sprouts + edamame and they seem to go well together. It had a refreshing taste to it as you eat the veggies while eating the fish. What I really didn't like was the Hamachi. It was raw, which was fine because I'm used to sashimi. Though, it had this really raw fish water taste to it which I thought was bearable until I got a stomach ache after the meal. (I'm still aching atm  ´∩`) 

Seafood Ceviche
This is my friend's appetizer and she spilt half with me.  (o⌒.⌒o) I really like the Seafood Ceviche design/preparation for this dish, it's pretty cute I think. There's shrimp with scallops? (◎_◎;) , it's a Ceviche so obviously it should be fish/seafood, with tomato sweet corn mixed in a certain juice. It was pretty good, the Ceviche and the shrimp. I honestly had no idea what was the 2nd seafood (I thought it was chicken at first due to the colour. ) 

But I'm no expert on Ceveiche so maybe it's just my lack of knowledge. ´・ ・`  

The Main Dish!
Ribeye Steak! 
I love steak. I ate so many different kinds + methods of making steak and I have to say this is one the greatest ways I've seen!  (‘∀’●)♡ You have to make yourself but you get to control how cooked it is which is awesome! You get to flip it! Cut a small piece and touch the piece on the stone around 3 seconds  if you want Medium Rare...etc! One of the juiciest steaks I ever had.   ⌒▽⌒ What I really loved was using the fat from the steak to cook my steak. A really nice natural way I suppose. 

Comes with some really good seasoned cooked veggies and fries too! 

German Chocolate Coconut Cake
Lastly but not least, dessert. 
I think the cake was a conversity for me. I'm more use to cakes with softer sponge-ness. Some parts of it was soft yet some were really hard. Maybe it's the coconut. It was pretty good except some parts of the cake was too hard for me to chew on.  

Overall, the dine out food experience wasn't that great but they had really good service. The one who was our server should totally get promoted because he's so nice, checks up on us all the time, gives his tissues while we ran out even though we didn't ask yet, waits for us eat REALLY slowly and being super enthusiastic! ´ω` 

Out of all the dishes, I really like the Steak the most of course! The only part of the experience that seemly lacking was appetizers and some of the cake. Honestly, it could be just I'm not a Yellowfish person but this stomach ache is barely getting better .___. Some good homemade soup afterwards did help but still. 

I wouldn't mind coming back here again to try out some of the other grills though. Or some wine! :3 Everything else though, I might be a little iffy to try. GREAT STEAK though. Really. <3

Price: Cheaper than Normally. ($31 after tax + )
Food: GREAT STEAK! Not so great raw fish. 

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